Back-up for long zipline arms - Ø12 mm (0,47 in) wire rope


Back-up and zipline arm are disposed together in a shackle. It is mandatory for ziplines above 200 m long (656 ft).

2 back-up + 2 folded arms required per zipline.

The back-up will be maintained on the wire rope with one 65 mm (2,56 in) ferrule.

Made for :

- Swaged galvanized steel wire ropes, 6 x 26 Ø12 mm (0,47 in), metallic core,

- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 6 x 7 Ø12 mm (0,47 in) textile core, Lang Forming.

Fixing method : on a shackle.

Material : stainless steel.

Weight : 630 g (1,39 lb).

Available for Ø1/2 inch wire ropes, please contact us.

Price per item (without fixing accessories nor ferrules).

 Designed and manufactured in the French Alps.

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