The Climb-up device facilitates ascending vertical obstacles with a continuous belay system.

It is particularly suitable for rigid vertical obstacles such as wooden ladders.

It requires a rigid structure, which either already exists and if not must be installed, all the way up the activity.

In case of a fall, an energy absorber is installed at the top of the obstacle to absorb the impact force.

Simple to install on the side rails on a wooden ladder.

Easy to use.

For Koala Equipment continuous belay only.

The Climb-up is designed to be installed with the following wire ropes:

- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 6 x 7 Ø12 mm (0,47 in)textile core, Lang Forming,

- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 19 x 7 Ø12 mm (0,47 in) metallic core, anti-rotating,

- Swaged galvanized steel wire ropes, 6 x 26 Ø12 mm (0,47 in), metallic core.

Compatible with Ø1/2 inch wire ropes.

Weight : 445 g (0,98 lb).

Price per item  (without fixing accessories).

 Designed and manufactured in the French Alps.

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