18 mm (0,7 in) ferrule to be crimped


The objective of the 18mm (0,7 in) ferrules is to fix the wire rope onto the metal brackets (AC60) and Climb Up (ME208-F).

For one screw-on metal bracket and Climb Up : 1 ferrule needed.

Do not install a small 18mm ferrule on either side of the metal bracket as this would render the annual wire rope inspection impossible.

Ferrule - 18 mm (0,7 in) to be crimped  for screw-on metal bracket can never replace a FERRULE - 65 mm (2,5 in) to be crimped even if there are many of them.

To be crimped on Ø12 mm (0,47 in) wire ropes. Also compatible with Ø1/2 inch wire ropes.

Material : stainless steel.

Weight : 15 g (0,03 lb).

Price per item.

 Designed and manufactured in the French Alps.

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