Ferrule - 65 mm (2,56 in) to be swaged on Ø12 mm (0,47 in) wire rope


Ferrule to be swaged onto a wire rope to block it at the level of the arm and allow its tension.

Made for :

- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 6 x 7 Ø12mm (0,47in), textile core, Lang Forming,

- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 19 x 7 Ø12mm (0,47in) metallic core, anti-rotating,

- Swaged galvanized steel wire ropes, 6 x 26 Ø12mm (0,47in) metallic core.

Number of ferrules per arms :

- Horizontal activities : 1 ferrule - 65 mm (2,56 in) per arm (QU35-1 or ME75-F).

- Ziplines up to 200 m long : 2 ferrules - 65 mm (2,56 in) per arm (ME76-F) + 1 ferrule - 65 mm per back-up ((ME78-F).

- Ziplines above 200 m long: 4 ferrules - 65 mm per arm (ME201-F) + 1 ferrule - 65 mm per back-up (ME202-F).

Only use those dies recommended by Koala Equipment with a hydraulic crimping tool exerting a force of at least 120 kN.

Before swaging, we recommend that you place a Koala Equipment Pouliz trolley on the lifeline in order to ensure that there are no obstacles on the lifeline.

Material : stainless steel.

Weight : 60 g (0,09 lb).

Available for Ø1/2 inch wire ropes, please contact us.

Price per item.

 Designed and manufactured in the French Alps.

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