Flat arm for horizontal activity


Flat arm for horizontal activity.

Ideal for children's courses.

Its horizontal and very stable position allow a fluid passage of the Pouliz even for the smallest participants. 

2 arms per activity : one at the start, and one at the end of the crossing.

The wire rope will be maintained with one crimping ferrule 65 mm (2,56 in).

The flat arm for horizontal activities is designed to be intsalled with the following wire ropes :

- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 6 x 7 Ø12 mm (0,47 in) textile core, Lang Forming,

- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 19 x 7 Ø12 mm (0,47 in)  metallic core, anti-rotating,

- Swaged galvanized steel wire ropes, 6 x 26 Ø12 mm (0,47 in) metallic core.

Weight : 600 g (1,32 lb). 

Available for Ø1/2 inch wire ropes, please contact us.

Price per item (without fixing accessory nor ferrule).

 Designed and manufactured in the French Alps.

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