A pack including Ocho+ hook, energy absorbing lanyard and quick link for a perfect use of the continuous belay system on Via Ferrata.

SCORPIO Lanyard (Petzl).

Specifications :

- Energy absorbing lanyard.

- VERTIGO WIRE LOCK carabiners (optional).

- Optional VIA 8E with swivel.

OCHO+ Hook : safety hook for continuous belay system.

- Automatic closing hook in event of fall.

- Interchangeable V wear.

- Integrated wear indicator.

- Removable anti-shock shell.

Strength : 30 kN.

Compliance : EN 958.

EU Certification : 0082/2173/136/01/21/0093.

Installation : Make a lark’s head hitch on the harness attachment point.


As any PPE, hooks must be inspected prior to each use an in addition a detailed inspection must be carried out at least once every 12 months.

If the hook wear gets to the indicator, the hook must be discarded immediately.

If excessive lateral loose is noticed on either the upper or lower balance weight, the hook must be replaced.

A control pin is provided to control the wear of the hooks.

Checks result should be recorded on a PPE inspection form (Excel file document available upon request). Please refer to the technical notice for the detailed inspection recommendations before each use and yearly review.

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