Transform to a continous belay system, anchorage on closed eye-bolts.

Stainless steel and aluminum.

Working Load Limit WLL: 20 kN and breaking load: 40 kN.

6 screws GAC 10*30.


1. Check the condition of the anchor bracket and the cable.

2. Install 2 cable clamps of 12, 14 or 16mm on the closed eye-bolt or the bracket line.

Put the 12mm line inside the aluminum matrix with the 6 M10 bolts.

Screw with a tightening tork of 50 Nm.


Check that the hook can freely pass between the wall and the Pack NEWVIA.

Cable loops can be made identically to avoid direct impact between the connectors and the pack.

Important: the hook must pass easily.

The durability of the gear depends on the quality of the mount and environmental conditions.

Deterioration can be affected in certain specific conditions (snow, ice, rockfall...).

A detailed inspection must be carried out at least once every 12 months.

Weight : 878 g (1,93 lb)

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