A 25 obstacle course on 2 levels finishing with a zipline. Operating staff training is provided.

autoportant courses

The standard Freestanding Course consists of 25 obstacles with the option to build bigger or smaller courses.

Our installations are inspected by an independent agency to be compliant with the European standard EN 15567 and the US ACCT standard.

The continuous belay system is easy for the participants to use and significantly increases their safety as it enables them to carry out the entire course without manipulating the equipment and without ever being disconnected. 
It therefore reduces the number of operating staff required on the course while ensuring optimal user safety.

Specifications for a course with 25 obstacles
►Minimum height: 1 m / 3ft 3in 
►Maximum weight: 140 kg / 285 lbs
►Number of users per hour: 30 to 80 (35 at one time)
►Duration: 30 minutes (1 lap)
►Number of operators: 1 or 2
►Belay system: continuous belay 
►Weight of the course: 6 000 kg / 13 228 lbs (500kg/1102lbs per pole)

Price for a course with 25 obstacles: 
88 000 €uros (without P.P.E.)

*: USD prices will fluctuate depending on the euro-USD rate.

Freestanding measurements