Installing a continuous life line

Installing a continuous life line 

  • 23,59 €

    This bracket only use is keeping wire rope high enough, it is not a safety element.
    It must be used either for wire ropes at low height (on poles along paths, in stairs), or on wire rope in between the 2 arms of the same tree.
    Can be fixed on a wooden pole, a log protection or on metal strap (ref AC044AL) using a metal plate. 
    Weight: 200g / 0.5lb
    Price per item 
    Made in France Made in the French Alps

  • 36,40 €

    To be fixed onto the artificial support.

    It is used to fix arm for zip line or arm for horizontal activity on artificial support.
    3 stainless items (2 double brackets + 1 plate ) delivered with 1 bolt Ø12x30mm and 1 nut Ø12mm.
    Weight: 795g / 1,75lb
    Price for the set

    Made in France Made in the French Alps

  • 6,67 €

    Ferrule to be swaged onto a wire rope, to put it under tension.

    Made for a 7x19 Ø12mm wire rope
    Arm for horizontal activity: 1 ferrule needed per arm
    Arm for zip line: 3 ferrules needed per arm
    Crimping must be done with a 120kN hydraulic crimping tool ref OU01KL or OU05KL equipped with a pair of dies ref OU02KL.
    Material: stainless steel 
    Weight: 60g / 0.09lb
    Price per item 
    french flag Made in the French Alp

  • 0,08 €

    Will not come undone
    5 standard diameters
    Price per item

    Ø12 mm (0,47 in) bolt nut

  • 64,54 €

    Arm without fixing accessories nor ferrule.

    Made for a 7x19 Ø12mm wire rope.
    2 arms per tree or pole.
    While assembling, wire rope will be maintained by 1 ferrule ref QU077BC.
    Weight: 600g / 1.3lb.
    Price per item.
    Made in France Made in the French Alps.