Some recommendations 

KOALA EQUIPMENT continuous belay lifeline is designed to be installed with the following wire ropes:
- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 7x19, metallic core
- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 6x7, textile core, Lang Forming,
- Galvanized steel wire ropes, 19x7 metallic core, anti-rotating,
- Swaged galvanized steel wire ropes, 6x26, metallic core.
It can be installed with Ø12 mm wire rope or ½ " depending on the materials you have chosen.

Never install materials designed for Ø ½‘’ wire rope on Ø12 mm wire rope or vice versa.

The platforms and obstacles must be in place prior to installing the continuous belay system.

To avoid premature wear and tear of the wire rope due to fatigue, ensure that the platforms are big enough to avoid the users from hanging between 2 arms (grey zone on the drawing).

If you wish to install the continuous belay system arms differently to the description in this manual, you must ensure that your system is strong enough to take on the efforts required by the safety factors. To do so, refer to the standards in force for the sizing. In case of doubt, we advise you to add a back up.

The recommended height for the lifeline is 1.6m / 5’3” relative to the users’ feet.
Recommended length of the lanyard for this height:
- Participants who weigh more than 35kg / 75 lbs with a sit harness = 75cm / 2’ 5 5/10”
- Participants who weigh less than 40kg / 85 lbs with a full body harness = 85cm / 2’ 9 5/10”

If you wish to place the lifeline at any other height or change the length of the lanyard, you must take the two following elements into consideration:

1°) The fall factor: the position of the lifeline relative to the lanyard’s anchor on the user. It determines the sustained efforts in case of a fall.
Fall factor = height of the fall ÷ length of the lanyard (the result must be as low as possible and never above 1)

2°) The air draft:  the distance to the first obstacle a user could hit, from his lanyard anchor, in case of a fall.
Air draft = length of the lanyard + height of the user from his lanyard’s anchor point to his feet + distance due to the wire rope sag due to the elasticity of the supports + the safety margin

Activities at height are potentially hazardous and may result in serious injury or death. This risk concerns installers, operating staff and users.

The owners, installers and operators should read and keep the manual provided at time of purchase and which includes instructions for the installation, operating, inspection and maintenance of the product and compatible materials and equipment.

KOALA EQUIPMENT continuous belay system and its components are compatible only with KOALA EQUIPMENT POULIZ trolleys.