Related items / Accessories

Related items / Accessories 

SWITCH for vertical activities or Tarzan Swings

Screw-on metal bracket INVERTER:

  • 193,98 €

    Continuous belay pulley enables users to progress through horizontal activities and zip lines without manipulating carabiners

  • 2,43 €

    Ferrule to be swaged onto a wire rope, to block the wire rope near to a screw-one metal bracket
    Made for a 7x19 Ø12mm wire rope

  • 18,19 €

    Pulley pocket
    Avoid material from dragging on the ground or hurting people
    Can easily be attached onto any harness , thanks to 2 press studs  
    There is a draining hole on each side for rainy days
    Could be use with all type of pulley
    weight: 89g
    size 26cm par 14 cm et 7cm wide

    Made in France Made in the French Alps.

  • 28,63 €

    This handle fits on the POULIZ 2.0 and avoids turning on zip lines.
    It also assists children, enabling them to  move more smoothly on the activities.
    You could change the protection
    Protection in neoprene
    weight: 296 g
    hex head screw and lock nut included

  • 181,93 €

    We have added a new part to our continuous belay system: the Y swapper.  Easy to install by swaging on the three ferrule, . It allows you:

    -to create an escape route

    - to offer a bifurcation

    - Placed on each side of the tree on the platform, it enables to overtake and ease the flow.

    weight: 585 g