KOALA EQUIPMENT : Shop Obstacles

KOALA EQUIPMENT : Shop Obstacles

Koala Equipment - Obstacles sales for aerial parks: tunnel crossing, crossings, trapezes, logs, suspended logs….

  • 706,73 €

    To be suspended from a wire rope.

    Standard length: 2,50 m (8,20 ft).
    Cl.4 treated pinewood.
    Length can be made to measure.
    Delivered as a DIY kit or assembled.
    Price per item.

  • 93,23 €

    Placed at the lower end of the Tarzan swing wire rope, this lanyard connects onto the Adventure course user's harness.

    Jane lanyard connected to a double security K-Advance blue karabiner and a screw-lock karabiner ( you could change the color if you need it).
    The screw-lock karabiner connects to the lower end of the Tarzan swing jump.
    Total length: 72cm (2,36 ft)
    Price per unit

  • 75,71 €

    Rope ladder top ready for installation around tree trunk.

    Content: 2: 80 x 100 x 800 mm (3,14 x 3,94 X 31,50 in)  joists (one is assembled with 2 eyes bolts) + 2 Ø18 mm (0,71 in) x 1m (3,28 ft) threaded bars with fixing accessories (washers, nuts, flange nuts)
    Joists are Cl. 4 treated pinewood, 45° mid wood cut
    Space between eye bolts: 35 cm (1,15 ft)
    Weight: about 15 kg (33,07 lbs)
    Price per pack

  • 6,59 €

    Adhesively stuck laminated digital print
    Size: 265 x 85 x 5 mm (10,43 x 3,35 x 0,20 in)
    Weight: 74 g (0,16 lbs)
    Price per item

  • 5,57 €

    Round "no entry" sign with a hole for adventure and rope course brace cables

    Dibond + adhesive sticker 
    Ø90 mm(3,54 in) 
    Weight: 25 g (0,05 lbs)
    Price per item